How to use this web site


The Carnegie Science Center's, Miniature Railroad and Village web site can be
navigated by clicking on the pictures, scrolling the text panel and using the navigation bar that brought you here.

This site requires the Quick Time 4 plug-in and Netscape 4+ or Explorer 4+ to enjoy all of its features.

To view and explore a Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramic scene of each area featured
on the map, click on the red dot assigned to that area. The QTVR scene may take a moment to load, but while you're waiting, you can enjoy the text information on the right hand side of the screen.

After the scene has loaded explore the picture area by clicking and dragging your mouse
up, down, left and right. Be sure to keep an eye out for "hot spots" in each
picture! You'll know you've found one when your cursor changes. Click on the "hot spots" to view more information about a special section of each picture.

Note: Not all of the QTVR's have "hot spots" within them, but many do. Also the Steel Mill, Coal Mine, General Store and one Farm Scene are viewed in a slightly different manor. Instead of viewing the scene from within, your view rotates around the perimeter.

Also, don't forget to click the small images above the text area to reveal a larger picture and more detail!